Gothic outdoor lighting – a property of dignified and esteemed ambience

One of the hottest trends in home design over the last few years has been Gothic outdoor lighting fixtures. This is not to say that in order to make outdoor lighting Gothic the fixtures have to be ominous looking with gargoyles or Transylvania inspired detailing.

Of course these kinds of spooky lamps are available if that’s the look you’re going for but the term ‘Gothic’ is a lot more broad these days, especially when it comes to outdoor lighting. In fact, art historians use the term ‘Gothic’ to refer to the design tendencies prevalent in throughout Europe from the 12th to 16th century.

For that reason then, it’s best to refer to Gothic outdoor lighting as ‘old world’ or ‘vintage’ style lighting.

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Different Outdoor Gothic Lighting Fixtures

There are different outdoor Gothic lighting fixtures that are suitable for any type of exterior lighting fixtures whether it be for residential, commercial, or even industrial spaces.

There are many different ways to mount these kinds of lamps and lanterns: there are wall mount and pendant mount lanterns with a variety of fastening systems making it easy to affix these fixtures onto any typical surface.

These fixtures are commonly seen at Universities, Public Buildings such as libraries, restaurants, hotels, and shopping areas as they tend to give any space a distinguished, traditional look and feel.

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Although they may look purposely old-fashioned, the truth of the matter is that the housings of these light fixtures are forged form the most resistant and lightweight alloys and composites that modern technology has to offer.

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The surfaces of these lamps and lanterns are faux finished and treated to mimic the distressed finishes of forged metal and other materials that have been able to stand up to the elements for centuries on end.

All in all, these Gothic outdoor lighting fixtures give a property a dignified and esteemed ambience.

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