Outdoor backyard lighting – Perfecting The Final Touches For Your Home

They are behind walls and manicured front lawns, so backyards will rarely get the attention they deserve, and outdoor backyard lighting is an often overlooked part of landscaping. This is a mistake though. The backyard is an important part of the landscape and at night, it’s  where guests are hosted and families enjoy themselves outdoors.

For such occasions, and many others, backyard lighting can be used to

  • Highlight the landscape features that wouldn’t be seen at night.
  • Illuminate the paths cutting across gardens.
  • Set the mood.

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What to Consider When Installing Backyard Lights

Outdoor backyard lighting could be a walk in the park once you consider these 3 simple things:

  1. Power Consumption. The backyard is rarely used for any office work especially after dark. For this reason, low voltage bulbs and cables are recommended. Low voltage cables also have a low risk of shock and can be buried through the garden, allowing for a lot more creativity with the design.
  2. Color Schemes. Outdoor bulbs are supposed to blend in with the natural environment. Warm colors such as orange are considered more natural and are what are preferred, but it’s only a guideline. You are not limited to it.
  3. Layers. Layers are used to set the mood for the compound. By using lights of different brightness, you can create highs and lows in your garden setting the mood for the year, season, or even just a single day. With a bit of creativity, your backyard could be brought to life and be the inspirational icing to the cake that your home is.
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