Diwali lamps – 10 evolutions in the styling and design

Diwali is always a special time for the Hindu community. It’s a time when friends and families come together to share in various religious proceedings and to also feast, exchange gifts, and just make merry. The festival has always been characterized by a lot of cheer and viva. From the beautiful fireworks which burst
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Commercial outdoor led lighting – 11 best ways to achieve to any function in commercial premises

More than we know, human beings depend on light, both natural and artificial. Luminaries can communicate the moods of any scene; restaurants, clubs. Communicate class, elegance and even direct you; landing spaces for airlines. Amazingly, Led lighting has ushered in a new era of energy-efficient lighting fixtures for commercial application, industrial and domestic applications
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Cool lamps – 15 ways to spruce up a room

Looking to spruce up a room and make it brighter but want to avoid traditional, boring lamps? Well, fortunately you will have a lot of options to meet your wants, your needs, and your unique style. Below are some descriptions of how to accessorize your room with funky, trendy and cool lamps. Cool Desk
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