Animated outdoor christmas lights – 15 necessary parts of our Christmas holiday displays

The popular belief is that the first outdoor public electric lights to mark the Christmas Holidays were first organized by Nash Fredrick and the Chamber of Commerce Pasadena Altadena California. The first display was placed on the Santa Rosa Avenue, known as the Christmas Tree Lane. Since then the Christmas Tree Lane in Altadena has continuously been lit since 1920 with the exception of the Christmas during WW2. From the start of tract housing in the United States, it has been common to highlight houses with outdoor animated Christmas lights.

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Fairy lights


These outdoor animated Christmas lights are now a necessary part of our Christmas holiday displays. Nothing makes Christmas more perfect than the splendid display of a wide range of unique, sparkling, animated outdoor Christmas lights. The outdoor Christmas lights, also known as the Fairy lights, illuminate Christmas trees out in the yards or public places with various colors of animated electric lights. The use of electric lights has become part of the customary practice to mark the Christmas holidays. How dull and ordinary would our streets, homes, and buildings look like without these strings of electric lights to mark the Christmas holidays? I am sure the Christmas spirit would never be felt by many. With the Christmas lights illuminating our home’s yards, streets and buildings we immediately get a sense and feeling of joy overwhelming our hearts knowing that Christmas is here.

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Animated Tableaux Outdoor Christmas lights

The outdoor animated Christmas lights are the maximum blown animated tableaux which involve complex statues and animatronics. The technology for making Christmas lighting displays are always highly diverse ranging for those in making the simple light stands to the complex outdoor animated Christmas lights. The Christmas lights displays on public buildings and other public venues have become a crucial part of annual Christmas celebrations. The Christmas lights animated outdoor displays can be on huge Christmas trees in the parks, streets, and public squares.

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