Creating the right atmosphere with amazing snowflake lights outdoor

There is more to the winter holidays than shopping and cooking. Creating the right atmosphere can be the one thing that takes your holiday from good to great. Outdoor snowflake lights can add the right ambiance and glow to your season.

But what do you need to know to get the right snowflake?

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All About The Bulb

LED lights are bright, cool to the touch, and use less energy than small incandescent bulbs. They also tend to look cooler (bright white with a bluish tinge,) than standard bulbs. LEDs have a for their longer lifespan, but in areas with windy and cold winters, your results may vary.

Anyone over the age of 25 will be more familiar with incandescent bulbs — it’s what we had growing up. While they use more energy, these festive bulbs have a good life span and provide a warm (slightly yellow,) glow.

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Lights, Lights, and More Lights

Snowflake lights outdoor come with various power hook-ups and most all of them allow multiple lights to be “chained” together. The power connectors are end-to-end allowing you to plug another light directly into the back of the plug.

Holiday lights have small-gauge wires, though, so make sure you don’t overload your lights by connecting too many stands. The directions that come with your light should tell you how many strands you can chain together.

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Many snowflake lights have display modes like ‘all-blinking’, ‘shimmering’, ‘random blinking’, or ‘solid’. Check descriptions and reviews to determine if the light you are considering has this feature and how well it works.

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Snowflake Lights Outdoors, Snowflake Lights Indoors

Most Snowflake lights are indoor/outdoor and generally, come with some form of mounting hardware. Suction cups can be used to mount your lights to smooth surfaces like a glass doors or windows. Hanging cords and hooks are great for mounting on trees, walls, and roof edges. Check the descriptions to see what your light comes with.

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Prices and budgets vary – you have to consider quality vs. cost. Bright is great but too bright may make the light look like a blob rather than a snowflake. Plastic may be inexpensive, but metal will last longer.

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Don’t forget to read the customer reviews for a product — it could tell you exactly what you need to know to brighten your holiday!

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