Ceiling fan wood – 17 fresh choices to keep you cool

In the hot seasons, a wood ceiling fan is an excellent choice to keep us cool, apart from that are beautiful in our home. It is nice to come to our home and turn our wooden fan and cool a heat-laden environment.

There are different options in terms of colors and designs. In this aspect sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the most ideal for our needs. We must choose the fan that we like and that is according to our personality or room decor. We must also consider the power and size depending on where we go to place it.

There are fans where the motor can give us more when we ask more power or speed, and we recommended fans with silent engines for the bedrooms.

Most wood ceiling fans have feature winter – summer, they bring a switch that allows its use in any season, in summer, keeps stay cool and in winter circulates hot air that accumulates on the roof of the room.

Now there are also wood ceiling fans with light, these are generally for rural or mountainous environments and their lighting decoration is consistent with the space in which we will introduce.

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What is the best advantage of wood ceiling fans ?


Among its advantages we have that they do not freeze only cool and so they are healthier, they not harm our airways and create a natural environment. We can use it throughout the year and are cheap as their consumption is the same as a light bulb. Another advantage is that they do not use compressors or condensers of any kind and provides an extra feature that makes lighting used as lamps.

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What is the only issue?


On the issue of the installation, we can say that are easy to install and require no more than a point of light and knowledge to properly place it on the roof. As for maintenance, this type of wood ceiling fan does not need any maintenance, occasionally can clean the blades and done.

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