Lighted tray ceiling – enhances beauty in your home

Tray ceiling is an architectural design growing popular day by day because of its appeal. Tray ceilings are designed in such a way that some part of the ceiling (the middle) is raised higher than the surrounding or remaining part of the ceiling. This allows for use of color, lighting and sometimes art to go with it. This enhances beauty in homes. There are various creative ways to have the tray ceiling lights fixed depending on the owners favourable scenes and tastes.
Using the tray ceiling as a Focal PointYou can opt to use the tray ceiling as a focal point to support hanged items like chandelier , lighted fan and pendant light. One may use a complementing color of the above items to match the indoor environment.

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Tray ceiling lighting (perimeter)


One may light the trim of the tray all round so that it appears like rope-lit. Mostly a yellow strip of light is used all around.One may also use White striped light especially if the tray is painted with a high contrast paint.

Painting the tray creatively Example is a Nightly sky scene with stars whereby the stars can be small lights to illuminate the rooms. The room can be painted using a dull paint and have the floor hardwood made .Alternatively rooms like the kitchen which don’t really have to be very cool can have the lighted tray ceilings brightly painted and lighted at the edges and the room painted with equally bright paint.The familyroom can have the walls fitted with art/paint work and the tray ceiling fitted with an extensive horizontal translucent lighting.

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One can technically make their own tray ceiling or have an architect do it for them depending on the ability of their pockets economic wise.Its good to put into consideration the finances and one’s preferences as far as matter of a great tray ceiling design and is concerned.














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