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The New Year tree symbolizes the beginning of a new life, and first of all it means a holiday, gifts and joy. It is the main attribute of the New Year and appears in every home before the holiday. Children at Christmas love to hang different garlands, balloons and other decorations on the Christmas tree, and it is very cool and atmospheric. But now, when minimalism is in fashion, such Christmas trees are no longer relevant and not modern.

Now mostly people prefer white Christmas trees, but why, because everyone is used to seeing the standard green, or even better cut down trees. No, cut down trees – it’s very bad, because it is important to protect and preserve nature and the environment, so we advise you to buy an artificial Christmas tree. Firstly, it is a great way to save a poor tree from being cut down, and secondly, which is also important, you can save a lot of money. After all, once you buy an artificial Christmas tree, you will never need to spend money on a new one.

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Sparkling white Christmas tree

Source: Pinterest

We will start with perhaps the brightest and most sparkling white Christmas tree. This Christmas tree will require quite a lot of space, so it is better to put it in a large living room. It is perfect for those who do not like a lot of Christmas decorations, and this Christmas tree is exactly that, because it is decorated with a long garland with lights of warm yellow color.

This Christmas tree creates an incredible coziness and that cool New Year’s atmosphere. Just imagine getting together as a family and spending warm cozy winter evenings together. So if you like Christmas tree designs like this, hurry up and order a white Christmas tree and garland to get ready for the new year.

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White and gold Christmas tree


Source: Pinterest

Since ancient times, gold has been a sign of people’s prosperity. To this day, it represents wealth and luxury. Moreover, the gold color in the interior is a symbol of wealth and respectability. The white color of Christmas trees is very beautiful and cool combined with gold balls of different shades.

By the way, you can decorate your Christmas tree in accordance with your mood or with the symbol of the coming year. Especially if your room is decorated in similar colors, this Christmas tree will fit perfectly and will inspire a cozy and festive mood.

White and red Christmas tree

Source: Pinterest

This white Christmas tree will please everyone who loves the color red, it is very atmospheric and just looks incredible. Red color is classically combined with white, both in large and small rooms, respectively, such Christmas tree you can put even in a small room.

In addition the white color balances and neutralizes the aggressive influence of red color, creates lightness and calmness in the interior, which means that the white Christmas tree with red toys and decorations looks perfectly and harmoniously. The main thing is that the Christmas tree is not overloaded with toys and looks stylish and cozy.

White Christmas tree with blue decorations


Source: Pinterest

Blue in the interior with all its shades creates the impression of spaciousness, depth and coolness. It calms the nervous system, increases work capacity, and even helps to reduce muscle tone and blood pressure.

Therefore, blue decorations on a white Christmas tree will not only look great and complement it, but will also relax and calm your nervous system. A white artificial Christmas tree with these decorations will be your main attribute in the house at Christmas. In addition, the fact that there is a huge number of ornaments on the Christmas tree indicates that it is decorated in a modern American style.

A small white Christmas tree


Source: Pinterest

Such a miniature white Christmas tree is perfect for those who want to decorate their home for Christmas and arrange a festive atmosphere, but they do not have a large room or a lot of space for a huge fancy Christmas tree.

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You can put such a white small Christmas tree in your room or even on the table, with a winter atmosphere and a festive mood in the room at once. This option presents a white Christmas tree, which is decorated with toys and decorations in the color pink gold. This color is quite stylish and popular, it perfectly harmonizes with both light and dark shades.

An unconventional white Christmas tree

Source: Pinterest

We love the New Year since childhood, and from an early age everyone is looking forward to that very time when you can decorate the pine tree with bright ornaments with garlands and tinsel, and get a sea of gifts. In fact, you can come up with a huge number of options how to decorate Christmas beauty, because the main condition is to create a harmonious design that will blend with the surrounding interior and not be knocked out of it.

Christmas tree which you can see in the photo, is decorated very modern, because it does not use any trivial toys, tinsel and garlands. Its design includes different elements, which are perfectly combined and look great on the Christmas tree.

Retro white Christmas tree

Source: Pinterest

If you want to plunge back into your childhood, into that incredible holiday atmosphere for Christmas, then you can not bother with a single style and the selection of colors and shades, just remember how you decorated the Christmas tree before, as a child.

Only now those toys need to believe on a white modern artificial Christmas tree. By the way, toys can be absolutely any, you can buy toys of absolutely different colors, shades, shapes and sizes. Handmade figurines in eco-style, glamorous figurines, glittering balls with sequins – all this is suitable for decorating artificial pine branches. A Christmas tree and Christmas toys, gifts and family celebration in a decorated home are all timeless values for the coming year.

Black and white Christmas tree

Source: Pinterest

Black and white is a timeless classic that never gets old and never becomes boring. It is often chosen by people with a restrained temperament, followers of chic and elegance.

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Therefore, if you choose a white Christmas tree, think about the black and white decor, it will perfectly harmonize and fit into the interior of your room. White represents purity, goodness and awakens positive emotions, and also evokes a sense of freedom and peace of mind. Accordingly, a white Christmas tree will not only look great, but will also bring you positive emotions and create an incredible atmosphere and festive mood.

Cute pink and white Christmas tree

Source: Pinterest

The color pink knows how to neutralize aggressiveness, in addition, reducing melancholy, pink also relaxes, causes a feeling of comfort, gets rid of intrusive thoughts. The combination of dusty pink and warm cinnamon shades is a sure-fire option for decorating a modern white Christmas tree.

The most successful combination is the combination of pink with a metal, such as copper, brass or silver. Indeed, the warm copper with its vintage spirit and the delicate rose in the decoration of this kitchen give just a striking effect on your Christmas tree. When buying accessories in shades of pink, we suggest you also look out for decoration in silver colors to dilute the pink décor a bit. This Christmas tree is also small, which means it can be placed anywhere in your room to create a holiday atmosphere.

A gorgeous white glass Christmas tree

Source: Pinterest

This is the most unusual and chic Christmas tree you’ve ever seen. Just look at how incredibly beautiful and gorgeous it is. It is made of glass or plastic parts, which look like icicles or pieces of crystal ice.

Such a Christmas tree is certainly not left without the attention of your guests, because it really is unusual. In addition, it does not require any special decorations, you can just hang a garland, and any color, and the tree will play with new colors, the light will bounce from each crystal and spread throughout the room. So, if you want something unusual and interesting, this Christmas tree is for you.

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