Outdoor Christmas Grinch Lights for Your Home

The holiday season is the best time of the year for families to unite and rekindle memories for the whole year. For Christians, Christmas is one of the most important holidays that can’t be skipped each year.

A typical Christmas is usually signified by the setting up of holiday decorations in our homes and public places. One of the most common Christmas decorations is the outdoor lighting. Numerous types of outdoor Christmas lightings are therefore available on the market. The newest trend in this market has got to be the Grinch Christmas lights outdoor decorations.

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The Grinch is a fictional creature that was first created in the story of  “How the Grinch stole Christmas”. The creature is designed as an anti-holiday and grumpy character that really hates Christmas. The character is also used to describe grumpy people who never seem to be in the holiday spirit and is, therefore, a great lesson for kids.

The Grinch themed Christmas decorations

The Grinch and its significance to Christmas make it an ideal theme for outdoor Christmas lights. The Grinch Christmas light outdoor decoration is basically a green Grinch shaped outdoor gnome figure that is placed on the front lawn.

The figure is decorated with blinking lights and greatly compliments typical outdoor decoration setting. Most of the Grinch outdoor Christmas decorations are modeled in a thief type stance to signify the act of stealing Christmas.

This decoration can, therefore, be set near a door or behind the Santa, clause figurine to complete the “how the Grinch stole Christmas” theme.


So, how about you try to incorporate this theme into your Christmas decorations with Grinch christmas lights outdoor this year. The neighbors will surely love it and it will make your house stand out from the others.

This decoration will also contribute another aspect for the Christmas Eve stories as the children will be eager to hear the tale of the figurine placed in the front yard.

#1 Grinch for Any Season

Grinch would be an excellent alternative for your garden décor instead of standard gnomes. This 45 inches tall guy won’t leave your garden unprotected. Just mount the figure wherever you like and he will make everything look amusing. People, who would pass by, would smile while looking at such a garden element of yours. Let Grinch bring fun to your yard.

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grinch christmas lights outdoor photo - 1

#2 Creepy Green Man

This green fellow is definitely planning something bad. He is slyly looking and planning to do something evil. Just kidding! This statue with outdoor lights will become an excellent amusing addition to your exterior as adding it will transform a standard patio in to a place where magic beings live and among them Grinch is perhaps the most popular one. It will look really nice with other outdoor decorations.

grinch christmas lights outdoor photo - 3

#3 Christmas Statue Ripping off the Light

This variant of Grinch stealing Christmas is literally stealing it! Just take a look at his smile when he starts tearing off the lamps from the roof. His grin does not promise anything good. The poster is made of waterproof material and it is not afraid of any moisture. The picture is one sided only, while another side is totally blank with a special fixture to dig the item into the earth.

grinch christmas lights outdoor photo - 4

#4 Yes, I’m Stealing the Christmas

He’s not going to wait till you meddle with preparing your Christmas lights for a holiday. If you don’t hurry up, he’s going to take all the lamps away to his den, leaving you without any holidays at all. Certainly it’s a joke, but this fine decoration is an excellent alternative to standard reindeer. Put Grinch on your porch to greet you, your members of the family and passers-by with a peculiar smile.

grinch christmas lights outdoor photo - 5

#5 Naughty Boy

Grinch is a really bad green boy who was punished for his evil doings. From now on he will decorate your territory granting some Christmas light. The image is very colourful and bright due to special luminescent paint that effectively reflects all the colours creating the effect of a halo around this creepy man. There are plenty of items in his gift bag, but he’s not going to give them back to you. Grinch is planning to enlarge his collection of stolen presents.

grinch christmas lights outdoor photo - 6

#6 Creeping Horror

He’s definitely not planning anything good. Take a look at what he is doing! He’s stealing the light. This is a work of fiction based on a popular fairy tale about Grinch who stole the Christmas. The set consist of 5 meters of lights and a green fellow in a Santa Claus suit. He is depicted in a way as if he’s stealing the lamps from the set. The statue is made of top quality material and painted with glamorous water resistant paint.

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grinch christmas lights outdoor photo - 7

#7 Crime Best Partners

From now on Grinch is not working alone. As per his ill nature, he decided to make his loyal dog an ally in stealing the Christmas. Here we’ve got a set of two characters from the cartoon. They work in pair – Grinch as an evil Santa and his dog as a fake deer. They left the screen and moved right into you place to steal your holidays. However, if you are friendly enough with them, you might be able to melt their hearts and make them your friends.

grinch christmas lights outdoor photo - 8

#8 Climbing up the Chimney

What is the best way to steal the presents? Through the chimney, of course! Grinch has already prepared everything for a break in. Now he’s looking suspiciously around to check if nobody is following him. This fine crafted Christmas set will make you enjoy the holiday and decorating process will become an extremely amusing affair for you and your family.

grinch christmas lights outdoor photo - 2

#9 Where’s My Bag

This is a fine element of exterior décor for various houses. This is, in fact, a very simple construction. It has got a laminated picture stuck to the wooden surface. The whole item is soaked with anti-corrosive fluid so it is not afraid of cold and water. Just dig the pole into the ground to fixate the poster firmly.

grinch christmas lights outdoor photo - 9

#10 Just Doing My Business

Do you know what Grinch does the best? – He steals Christmas. We’ve got here a nice statue of Grinch that holds tightly the lights as if planning to take them away with him. This character is loved by both kids and adults so it would definitely become a fine acquisition to your collection of holiday cute things.

grinch christmas lights outdoor photo - 10

#11 A Surprise Is Waiting for Them

Take a look at that grin and colour of skin. This creature is not planning anything good at all. As you might have guessed, this is Grinch from a popular series of cartoons, movies and books. You can use him as your personal garden decoration for all upcoming winter holidays. It’s finely made so you don’t need to worry that it might get spoiled from rain or snow.

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#12 I’ll Do This at Night

While all people are celebrating Christmas, Grinch decided to steal some light from the happiest families. You’ve got a chance to stop him by attaching him to the ground by means of a simple fixture so that he wasn’t able to do anything bad. Let him stand in the yard at his crime scene and scare off other evil creatures.


#13 Hiding in the Dark

He comes when it is dark. He knows no mercy when it comes to stealing Christmas. His name is Grinch and he is coming to your place! This fine poster is an excellent holiday decoration for any yard. A great deal of attention was paid to the details of the decoration and you’ll definitely like to have this cute little rascal as a part of your Christmas house presentation.


#14 Grinch Theatre Presents

Here we’ve got a whole bunch of characters from one of the most favourite Christmas cartoon. The dog, Grinch and his little friend would make a fine composition as you are planning your holiday decorations. The items are performed with a fine durable material that is not afraid of rain, snow and even heavy frosts. Dig the posters into the ground by means of special fixtures and they will entertain everyone during the whole holiday period.


#15 Homemade Grinch

Somebody was really fascinated with Grinch character and perhaps that is why he decided to make such a statue. It’s visible that the creator put a lot of work into this tiny work of art. The details were finely painted so that this poster would look attractive in the place, where it would be situated. The facial expression of the character is the point that deserves extra attention. It seems as if he is piercingly looking at you ready to blink at any moment.



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