How to Install Track Lighting

If you want to make your house look better and brighter, then installing track lighting is a great way to do it. The features of a track lighting system can provide a lot of options when configuring the lights in your house, which let you get the type of lighting you want. However, you may have a hard time figuring out how to install track lighting since it requires a different set of knowledge and skills. Fortunately, this guide will walk you through the process of installing a track lighting system.

Electrical Load

Before deciding on the number of lights you will put on the track lighting system, make sure that it does not exceed the electrical capacity of your lighting circuit. If you need more power, you will need to install an additional circuit.

Safety First

Before getting started, make sure you disconnect or turn off the power on the area you will be working on. If possible, turn off the main power line. This is to make sure that electrical accidents don’t happen. Also, don’t forget to wear electrical safety equipment.

Length of Track

You will need to determine the length of the track you will need. Measure the length of the ceiling you will be installing the track lights on. To get an accurate measurement, have someone hold the measuring tape and write down the measurements.

Consider Connectors

If you haven’t decided on the length of the track you need, you would need connectors so you can make adjustments on the track length. Track connectors can also be used for making turns with the track.

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Cutting the Tracks

In case you’ve bought a track that is longer than you need, you can just cut it with a hacksaw. When cutting, make sure you don’t apply too much pressure on the track to avoid deformation. Don’t forget to wear your safety glass when cutting. Some stores will cut the tracks for you, just give them the measurements and let them do the job for you.

Installing the Tracks

To install the tracks, you will need to drill holes and mount the tracks with screws. Before drilling holes, make sure you mark the drilling spots accordingly and use the drill bit size that’s recommended for the size of the screws you will use to fasten the tracks. Also, certain track lighting brands may require you additional installation procedures so make sure you read the installation manual that came with the track lighting package. If you are going to use heavy lighting fixtures on your system, you may need to drill extra holes and add screws so the tracks are secured. You will likely need the help of another person for this part of the job.

The Wire Feed

After mounting the track on the ceiling, install the power supply by simply sliding the wire feed into the track. Move it near the electrical wire feed to connect the corresponding wires. Before doing this, make sure that the power supply is turned off.

Installing the Lighting Fixtures

A track lighting system allows you to use almost any type of lighting fixture. Hence, you can install a wide variety of lights on your track lighting system. To install a track light, simply slide it into the track, right where you want it.

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Testing Your Track Lights

After installing everything, make sure that everything is properly mounted. Check for any loose wire ends as well as other exposed parts. Once everything is secured, put the power back on and turn on the light switch. Your lighting system should be working properly.

Light Fixture Replacement

You can replace the lights in your track lighting system with ease. To replace a fixture, simply slide the old one out of the track and then slide the new one into it. Some light fixtures may require you to do some additional configurations but it won’t be that hard. Don’t forget to turn the power off when replacing your lights.

Additional Tracks

In case you need to extend your tracks, you will only need a connector or two and the additional track. Simply join two tracks using a connector. To ensure you don’t get any incompatibility issues, only connect two tracks of the same brand and model.

Having a track lighting system can make your house more visually appealing and a better place to live in. With the tips discussed above, you should be able to install a track lighting system properly. When installing, always follow safety precautions to prevent any accident.

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