Garland Christmas Lights Outdoor – 15 Fancy Decorative Ideas

Now that the Christmas season is quickly drawing nearby, it’s time to start thinking of Christmas decorations. Talking of decorations, there’s no better way to give you and your loved ones a memorable Christmas than to light up your home with bedazzling holiday lights.

There is something magical about lights that make them a must-feature component of festive season decorations. They help to put people in a merry mood and bring an aura of Christmas. It’s no wonder Christmas carols like Silver Bells sing about beautiful lights.

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Outdoor garland lights

An outdoor lighted Christmas garland is a very fancy decorative idea. The greenery of the garland and the sparkle and color of light combine to create an altogether glorious scene. Imagine how beautiful a pine or strawberry garland will appear when darkness sets in and then you turn on the lights and they begin to blink intermittently or sparkle brilliantly. Wouldn’t it be a breathtaking scenery? Certainly yes.


When seeking to have Christmas garland lights outdoor, there are various options you can go for. One of these is to go for a pre-lit garland while another is to purchase lights separately and then fix them on the garland.

Pre-lit garlands tend to be more expensive in comparison to unlit ones so it’s advisable to just purchase a plain one and then light it on your own.


In regards to where to place the garlands, the decorative pieces can look stellar in almost any outdoor location of your home. You can place them around the door, on the deck railings, or even on the walls among other places. You can even be more creative and line your swimming pool with lighted garlands.

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The resulting effect will be indescribable, the reflection of light on the still waters of the pool will create an atmosphere of charm and tranquillity. It can be a wonderful romance idea for you and your partner on a Christmas eve.

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Natural garland

You don’t have to purchase artificial garlands from the stores, you can make your own Christmas garlands outdoor at home. You only need to get pine or cypress leaves and then string them together in the shape of a garland. You can also use passion fruit leaves or other liana plants such as strawberry. Liana plants are an even better option since they already have a flowing structure hence less effort is required to shape them into a garland.

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Type of light to go for

In regards to the type of lights to have for your outdoor Christmas garland, you can go for multicolored intermittent lights or just plain colored lights. When going for multiple colors, you can choose a blend of lights such as purple and white, orange and green, and blue and red among other combinations.

If you wish for a single color then you can go for yellow, orange, peach, lime green, or lilac LED or neon lights. Whatever the color you choose, just make sure it is a lighter shade since Christmas garlands with single colored lights look better if the light is lighter in shade.


You can also play around with the issue of shapes to make your Christmas garlands look even more resplendent. You can go for lights which are shaped like stars or which have any other attractive shape.

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Outdoor lighted Christmas garlands are all about creativity. By thinking out ideas, you can have various garland looks and decorations which make your Christmas memorable.

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