10 amazing illumination ideas of using floor lamp with shelf

The illumination detail of your home should reflect your sense of style and complement your decor. It’s not only about giving light to a room. The color, shade, brightness, and design of your floor lamp with shelf should speak volumes about you.

Floor Lamp with Shelf

It’s not just about capitalizing on space. Floor lamp with shelf can give your home a unique personality and there are several designs to choose from. For instance, a wooden shelf with a box shaped lamp shade can complement your home theater.

You can use the shelves to conveniently place your speakers. A dim light should give your room the feel of a movie theater.

Accessorizing Lamp with Shelf

Instead of settling for a conventional design you can give your lamp a Victorian or Elizabethan twist using antiques. Do not just arrange books or cd’s on the shelves haphazardly. Think of something unique that you can put in the space to complement your choice of lighting.

Floor lamps with shelf are meant to light a room from a given height. This doesn’t mean that they can only be used for reading. You are free to think of more unique ideas.

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