The Neccessity Of Having Aldis lamp signals

Aldis lamp signals are colored lamps that are mainly used in the aviation industry in the form of signals that depict a meaning or a sign for a given action to proceed.

The different meaning of every Aldis lamp signals

A steady green Aldis lamp signal tells a pilot on airborne that he is cleared and on deck to take off. tells the pilot to return for landing. The flashing green tells him he is cleared to the taxi overlay. A steady red means that he should give way to the other aircrafts and on deck to stop.

The flashing red Aldis lamp signal means that the Field is unsafe to land and the taxi to clear of duty runway. Flashing red & green means extreme caution to both airborne and on deck. The flashing white has no meaning and if you see this signal while on airborne, disregard it because it is meant for another aircraft.

Importance of Aldis lamp signals

Aldis lamp signals can be implemented at home for fun and personal use to add decoration to your home and signal lights.

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