Gooseneck floor lamps – enhances the aesthetic decor of your home

What are the benefits of a gooseneck floor lamp? Whether you are working at your desk or cozying up with a good book in the corner of your family room, the small footprint of a gooseneck floor lamp frees up space on your desk or corner table.

The sleek, minimalist, modern design of a gooseneck floor lamp enhances the aesthetic decor of any office, living room, studio or bedroom.


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Gooseneck floor lamp light bulb types

If you wish to use a traditional incandescent lightbulb, there are many gooseneck floor lamps with that option. But if your time horizon is long term, an eco-friendly LED gooseneck floor lamp makes for an excellent long term investment.

Some gooseneck floor lamps have special fluorescent bulbs that are a hassle to replace. This make the case for opting for an LED gooseneck floor lamp even stronger. If you consider that many LED gooseneck floor lamps have life spans of up to 20 years, it is not a difficult choice.

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Gooseneck floor reading lamps

Gooseneck floor reading lamps are beneficial because they produce a natural light. This is a great boon to reducing eye stress. Especially if you are curled up with that book that you just cannot put down or must work long hours at your desk.

To further add to your reading comfort, gooseneck floor lamps are adjustable at the neck to provide you with the optimal lighting angle. They typically also have dimmer settings and lighting modes.

Studies indicate that reading in a setting in which the lighting has a natural spectrum range improves reading speeds and higher scholastic achievement. Getting a good gooseneck floor reading lamp is looking more beneficial by the minute, isn’t it?

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The gooseneck floor lamp seems to have so many things going for it. Why not look into getting one soon?

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