Steampunk lamps – 25 ways to add a touch of vintage and high ranked value of decoration

This lamp is inspired by the 19th century designs. This lamp dates back to the 1950s. The lamp has a twisted pair wire that adds a vintage touch to it. The lamp is perfect for creating an interior that is industrial themed.

The lamp is one that adds a touch of vintage and high ranked value of decoration and accessory for cozy ambiance. The lamps in steampunk designs are available in different options to suit everyone’s taste.

As a really fascinating lamp, the steampunk lamp is a wonderful addition to better home and living which is really pleasing to the eye because of its aesthetic value.

There are also various design options of the color shades therefore really it adds a much more amazing ambiance into the spaces.

Features of the steampunk lamp

  • The watch features industrial pipe fittings that accentuate the unique designs of the lamp.
  • The lamp has antiquated surfaces that capture the intricacy of the surface that is iridescent.
  • It also features all new UL approved components.
  • It has adjustable plastic feet to ensure the lamp does not damage any furniture.
  • It comes with a 40 watt Edison style bulb
  • The bulb also has brown and black twisted cord cloth as accent.

Where to use the steampunk lamp

This lamp can be placed almost everywhere ranging from study tables, tabletops and even bed tops. It all comes down to one’s taste and preference. One of the things that sets this table light apart is the vintage style cloth-covered wire.

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Both the copper and red color of the wire add a striking element to the overall piece. The lamp is the focus but you’ll never want to hide the cord of the lamp simply because it serves well by accentuating this light up.

For people who love class and a touch of vintage this is the go to designer lamp. It features unique and intricate designs that will work well for your spaces.


This steampunk lamp can be bought on various websites. Most importantly it is found in Amazon. The lamp can also be purchased from the official website of the Steampunk Lamp Company.

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