Broyhill table lamps – 12 tips for choosing

A broyhill table lamp is an innovation in the lighting industry that incorporates both modern and traditional designs. The lamps give an exceptional experience different from the one offered by lighting on ceilings and floors.

Feel relaxed

They make one feel relaxed as they change the whole lighting of a room. For people who need to decorate their rooms, the table lamps are crucial to consider. They can match the furniture in the room giving a splendid look.

Broyhill table lamps can be used in both commercial and residential homes. Besides, they can be added to the lighting in living rooms and in bedrooms. For reading purposes, they are the best to consider because the light can be controlled at close proximity offering a great reading experience.


Broyhill table lamps are durable making them economical for use. Because of their design and technology used, they can last long. Replacement costs are lower compared to other lighting in the house.

#1 Modern Style Cubic Shaped

This Broyhill table lamp will become an excellent acquisition for the interior that is performed in some reserved decorative style like the Scandinavian one. It will find some good place on the toilet table of some fine lady and will cast light on the attractive visage in the mirror. The glass stem and trapezoid shade made of fine fabric make the look of this table lamp unbelievably amazing and attractive.

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#2 Gentle Feminine Shapes

This couple of lamps resembles seducing silhouettes of some women. Each curve is elaborately crafted and designed to express gentleness and femininity. The chrome shining surface of the body is emphasized with a light beige shade made of a natural cloth. All the elements of this item are compatible with most popular interior designs.


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#3 Simple Curved Lamps

Here we have another set of pair lamps which decorates a province set of drawers. Being placed on both sides of the mirror they underline the reflecting item and grant the opportunity to see oneself in the best possible light. The colour of the stem and the shade are identical and there is definitely something unusual in this choice of hues so it is hard to avert one’s glance from them.

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#4 The Retro Style Lamp

This massive Broyhill table lamp would perfectly fit some classical interior. Just take a look at the shape of the stem. It looks like some mason took the hammer and crafted it from the precious stone preserving its unique texture. The shade seems to be made of some Egyptian papyrus that looks really expensive. The light touch of time can greatly transform the look of the item creating a unique history of the item’s existence.

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#5 The Light in the Glass

This is a marvellous solution for design in modern style. The perfection of a spherical shape of the stem makes it possible to place the lamp wherever the person likes without any troubles. The transparent shell has got an additional function that will be quite useful. The glass refracts the light and makes it shine even brighter eliminating the shadows that lurk around with some style.

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Elegant Designs LT3214-BLU Glass Table Lamp with Fabric Shade, Light Blue
  • Light Blue glass base with draping detail
  • White fabric drum shade
  • 8 inch harp & finial shade security with rotary switch on socket

#6 Rainbow Colour Lamp

This glass lamp is capable of boasting not only with unusual shape but also with unbelievable colours that were added by means of a special technology. Each colour option is unique in a detailed pattern at a close look. This factor makes the lamp extremely popular among the collectors of unusual lighting devices. If you are interested in extraordinary light solutions, get this bright option for the room of yours.

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Elin Coastal Modern Contemporary Style Table Lamp 29' Tall Blue Fluted Art Glass Vase White Drum Shade Decor for Living Room Bedroom Beach House Bedside Nightstand Home Office - Possini Euro Design
43 Reviews
Elin Coastal Modern Contemporary Style Table Lamp 29" Tall Blue Fluted Art Glass Vase White Drum Shade Decor for Living Room Bedroom Beach House Bedside Nightstand Home Office - Possini Euro Design
  • 29" high overall. Bottom of base is 6" wide. Shade is 13" across the top x 11" across the bottom x 10" on the slant.
  • Uses one maximum 60 watt standard-medium base bulb (not included). On-off socket switch.
  • Modern art glass table lamp from Possini Euro Design.
Elegant Designs LT3214-BLU Glass Table Lamp with Fabric Shade, Light Blue
  • Light Blue glass base with draping detail
  • White fabric drum shade
  • 8 inch harp & finial shade security with rotary switch on socket

#7 Perfect Cylinder

The lamp in Art Deco style might seem somewhat old fashioned but at the same time it will look amazingly in some reserved style interior. The glass and metal element combine with each other in a lovely manner and all the composition is finalized with a pure white fabrics. The item is very simple and elegant and when you see it in real life you will understand how beautiful it is.


Signature Design by Ashley Norma Contemporary 28' Circular Pedestal Half Glass & Half Metal Table Lamp Set of 2, Silver
72 Reviews
Signature Design by Ashley Norma Contemporary 28" Circular Pedestal Half Glass & Half Metal Table Lamp Set of 2, Silver
  • SLEEK SET OF TABLE LAMPS: This set of 2 table lamps is the perfect addition for your contemporary bedroom or living room space. The unique half and half design is simple with tons of style impact
  • GLASS AND METAL: Supported by a circular pedestal, the bottom half of the base is finished in brushed metal and the top half is made of clear glass. A white fabric drum shade ties the look together
  • MODERN DESIGN: Finished in a silver color with a brushed metallic finial, this table lamp has all the shine you would expect from modern decor

#8 Tear Drop Shapes

Here is an elegant shaped lamp. It resembles a tear drop or a diamond stone. It will be the best acquisition for the Scandinavian style of the interior with the domination of white. When turned on the lamp becomes a spectacular decoration item of the room and it will be impossible to stop admiring it. If you are searching for some focus light object, this one will amaze you with awesomeness.

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broyhill table lamps

#9 Metal Like Table Lamp

For people who prefer classical solutions in the interior, this lamp will be a real discovery. The chrome shining surface with curved shapes is very elegant and eye catching. The shade that is made of linen is a perfect light dissipater for bed. If you have a necessity to turn the light on at night, it won’t be to sharp, just enough for seeing everything around.


#10 Miniature Loveliness

This lamp is quite a miniature representative of the class. However, its general look should not be underestimated. It will find a nice spot in any room due to its positive look. It can serve not only as the source of linght, but also as a magnificent element of decoration due to the specifics of the item’s design. It is really looks well and will be a nice part of overall designer composition.


Simple Designs LT3039-CHA Mosaic Tiled Glass Genie Fabric Shade Table Lamp, Champagne
  • Gorgeous mosaic tiled base
  • Matching fabric shade
  • Uses 1 x 40W Type B E12 Candelabra Base bulb (not included)

#11 The Crystal Shaped

For those people who are searching for a lamp that will express lux class this option will be an excellent choice. Just pay attention to the crystal structure of the body and the natural ornament that is engraved on the sweet curves. The pure white drum shade combines with the transparent stem in the ultimate way. This lamp is an apogee of elegance.


#12 The Art Glass Lamp

The table lamps that are made of glass have got a peculiar air around them. While looking at such lamps you might experience excitement from the coloured flows which are traced through the every line of glass. Due to the uniqueness of the design such lamps are often called art glass. The phrase will be the real truth as each of the lamps is unique in its design.

#13 Triangular Shaped Beauty

If you need a lamp that will have a light and airy look, this option will be the one that might come to your liking. It is rather miniature and resembleі some sort of a statue. The triangular shaped shade that is crafted from natural material elegantly underlines the spherical bottom of the wooden stem. The carving on the metal elements is also the thing that is worth astonishment.

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