Illuminate Your Homes A Unique Way With DIY Mason Jar Lamps

Gift your adorable homes a unique feel of illumination with DIY mason jar lamps that are quite popular for their design and beauty. These cool and rustic lighting ideas are affordable and can be hanged on your living rooms, dining halls, bedrooms and even outdoor lawns to radiate their unique ray of dazzling illumination.

From wall fixtures to sconces and from mason jar chandeliers to hanging lights, these DIY mason jar lamps look quite creative and elegant.

Designs and shapes

They can be made with a great variety of designs and shapes. One can have painted mason jar lamps with cute designs on the glasses or can go for rope wrapped mason jar lamps with rope wrapped up to half of the glass.

Other creative ideas for these DIY mason jar lamps include Mason jar vanity light with an antique feel, Rustic mason jar chandeliers with a brown or golden colored lid, a mason jar monogram light to dress up your bedrooms, DIY Jar Prism light candle glass with glass stones on the exteriors and an LED candle inside, or even Mason Jar Techno Tiki Torch with the glass painted blue or red to make them quite pretty.


Also DIY Mason Jar Pendant light with unique designs on the glass which has great durability and made of high quality glass can be a great idea to beautify your adorable homes.

Get yourselves equipped with DIY Mason Jar lamps and win the admiring looks from everyone visiting your home.

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diy mason jar lamp photo - 2
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diy mason jar lamp photo - 8
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