10 amazing illumination ideas of using floor lamp with shelf

The illumination detail of your home should reflect your sense of style and complement your decor. It’s not only about giving light to a room. The color, shade, brightness, and design of your floor lamp with shelf should speak volumes about you.

Floor Lamp with Shelf

It’s not just about capitalizing on space. Floor lamp with shelf can give your home a unique personality and there are several designs to choose from. For instance, a wooden shelf with a box shaped lamp shade can complement your home theater.

You can use the shelves to conveniently place your speakers. A dim light should give your room the feel of a movie theater.

Accessorizing Lamp with Shelf

Instead of settling for a conventional design you can give your lamp a Victorian or Elizabethan twist using antiques. Do not just arrange books or cd’s on the shelves haphazardly. Think of something unique that you can put in the space to complement your choice of lighting.

Floor lamps with shelf are meant to light a room from a given height. This doesn’t mean that they can only be used for reading. You are free to think of more unique ideas.

#1 Variety of Choice

It is a great idea to select a lamp combined with some shelves as you will get both light and place to keep the things you need. In the lamps of this type there are options with various shape, material and colour. Anyone can find something to his or her liking. However, one should take into consideration that usually due to huge sizes such lamps are better to place in the living room.

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#2 Light and Space

This lamp is an excellent decision for small rooms as it combines the lamp and shelves. You can easily switch the lamp on or off by pulling the cord. The item can be placed anywhere in the room with equal success as it has the same look from any side. It can perform the function of lighting source, storing place and even the decorative element. If you want to add some unusual element to your interior, it would be an excellent choice.


#3 One Sided Shelf Lamp

In this lamp all four legs are placed along one side of the lamp. Due to this peculiarity it’s better to place the lighting device near the wall. Then the lamp will match the interior and all its components in a better way. The base is made out of solid wood, while the table shelf is performed of glass enframed in wood. The dimmer consists of a wonderful natural linen. The overall look of the lamp makes it perfect for any interior decorated in natural style.


#4 The Lamp with the Secret

This lamp is a real masterpiece. It is very simple, yet quite practical. Thanks to the shelves one can store some nice things on them and, besides use it as a source of light. Also, as you might have guessed that below the upper shelf there is a secret hiding where the owner can hide some documents, for example. Due to the predominance of chocolate brown shade the lamp will look perfect in the premise of any colour.

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#5 Little Garden

Have you ever heard about vertical gardens? Seems like this item is created exactly for this purpose. You can get a real garden at your home not occupying a lot of space. The lamp has five shelves! And you can put a plant on each of them. The herbs will receive enough of natural day light and you will get maximum pleasure from this small oasis in your flat or house.

#6 Light Addition to the Interior

The lamp looks really airy, although it is quite solid and you shouldn’t worry that it may fall down. It has three metal legs, three shelves made of tempered glass and a white half transparent dimmer. You can put everything you want on the shelves, besides the item will provide you with a decent portion of light. Due to its design the lamp will match most of the interiors.

#7 Contemporary and Minimalistic

Such a lamp would look nice in a living room. You can put it either into the corner or near the sofa. Three shelves make it possible to store various things like a vase with flowers, some plants, photos etc. The shape and structure of the lamp make it quite stable, while beige dimmer grants warm comfortable light. Dark brown and white beige will match the interior of most styles.

floor lamp with shelf photo - 2

#8 Shelf or Lamp? Both

At first, it seems that this is a wonderful shelf where one can place either some books or souvenirs from last trips. It is as simple as beautiful. However, with a simple switch on it will turn into a column of light. The square shape makes it perfect for any modern interior. Wooden dimmer perfectly accompanies metal legs and glass shelves. It will be both a nice decoration and practical item.

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floor lamp with shelf photo - 4

#9 Elegant Modern

What can be better than beauty combined with functionality?! This elegant piece of furniture will be a nice décor for any premise performed in modern style. The combination of bronze base, tempered glass table and ivory dimmer makes it more than perfect. It will be an excellent assistant during comfortable evenings of reading: you can enjoy the warm light and once you need – put the book on the table.

floor lamp with shelf photo - 5

#10 Log Floor Lamp

This item is perfect for those who can’t imagine their interiors without some natural accessories. Just look at this exquisite beauty. Its core is a real part of the tree from the forest carefully covered with special polish. Roots of the tree play the role of the base, while another wooden piece is used for the table. Red dimmer makes the item extremely fashionable.

floor lamp with shelf photo - 9


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