Deer antler lamps – 10 tips fot buying

Lighting is a need in every home making the hunt for the best lighting intense. Deer antler lamps give you that natural feeling and a decorative touch. When choosing the right antler lamp there are a few factors to be considered to bring out the desired lighting of the room.

The color of the Lamp

The color brings out the style of the room for example if your want a brown look in the room a deer antler table lamp is the answer and if you need a more classic and more light a good lampshade will do.

The variety of deer antler lamps can be difficult so getting to know more about deer antler lamps can really help when deciding which color to pick for instance the natural antler table lamp will blend your room differently compared to white antler table lamp.

Positioning the lamp

Floor deer antler lamps are the best lighting for darker corners and study areas. Antler table lamps help fill up the rest of the room with light and look beautiful on a nightstand or end table.


Make sure the deer antler lamps that you choose fit to your needs and style of the house.

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