Ballast lamp – your protection for the electronic

The development of electronic ballast lamps has become a significant factor of the power electronics applications.


The ongoing research and developing discharge lamps with high intensity together with their ballasts have led to in their diverse when it comes to applications for example security lights on the roads and even places like airports.

Compared to the traditional EM ballast, electronic ballast lamps is superior, energy saving, prolongs the life span of the lamp, small volumes and dim capability.

Electronic ballasts lamps must be protected from high voltage or current strains along the components of circuit in the event where electronic ballasts are in faults.


Researchers propose a universal protection circuit for the electronic ballast for HID lamps. The circuit (just simple protection circuit offers) short, open circuits, startup failure the hot cum old lamps are protected in abnormal operation wh, high efficiency and nearly no loss in normal operation.

To ensure protection, the circuit will be adapted to different kinds of ballasts for several types of lamps.

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