Boys table lamps – 10 ways to light up your little boy’s life

Table lamps come in all shapes and sizes, so when narrowing down which boys table lamp to buy for your little treasure, it can actually be quite difficult. This guide will therefore provide you with information about the best boys table lamps on the market right now.


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What little boy says he doesn’t want to be a superhero when he grows up? Or at the very least, which child can say they don’t spend endless hours watching good combat evil in their favourite superhero film.

Whether your child idolises Superman or Batman, or the more recent Captain America, it is safe to say that he will be thrilled about the protection offered by his favourite hero as he goes to sleep each night.

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If your little boy is more interested in gazing at the stars than which battle the latest superhero is winning, then something a little more astrological might be more suitable for him.

A boys table lamp in the shape of a star, the moon or even a rocket ship will get him soaring to sleep every night.

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Whatever you choose to send your little one to sleep each night, safety should always be the primary concern. Boys table lamps which come together with low wattage lamps or LED bulbs as these much cooler to the touch plus they use less energy, perfect if you need to leave a night light on during the dark hours.

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