Omega apollo ceiling fan – practicality and great look

On the page, there has been added a new beautiful photography omega apollo ceiling fan, which you can place in your hotel bedroom or nursery. On the website, there are provided various options for lighting your commercial premises or residential building.

Bedroom is very important part of every house. A room where you sleep should be comfy and chilled. With the Omega Apollo ceiling fans you can get that very easy!


Choose wisely

We all know how summer nights can be hot, if you open the window mosquitoes will take over your room and ‘eat’ your legs and arms. But we have a solution with this ceiling fan. It’s easy to turn on, you can choose speed that you want and get your deserved sleep, without having to bathe in your sweat.
Also, it gives great look to the room. Omega apollo ceiling fan is classic, simple, and it can fit every type and style of bedroom.



Omega Apollo ceiling fans give you the ability to turn the light on, even if you don’t want for fans to work and chill your room. And vice versa, you can turn fans without the light, which is great for both day and night.

Omega Apollo ceiling fans are controlled by simple remote.










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