Funky ceiling fans – 10 methods to decorate your room

Funky ceiling fans are imperative in tropical climates. Ceiling fans should be an integral fixture in all homes, regardless of the local climate. They can cater to the much-needed ventilation.

Most homes that are insulated and completely sealed, other than the vents in the loft, require the air to circulate in the home, so a particular area doesn’t get suffocating.

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Funky ceiling fans can certainly help improve the circulation of air inside the house, offer adequate ventilation and also get rid of naturally hot air during summers and spread the heated air during winters. You can opt to have a funky ceiling fan installed pretty much anywhere you can hang one.

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Kids’ rooms can have the funky, incompetent and colorful installation, the master bedroom can have a classic design, or something that caters to your preference, dining space can have a smaller ceiling fan since it will not be used as much as the others and accordingly you can decorate your home with a very small investment.

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