10 benefits of Modern wood ceiling fans

Modern wood ceiling fans have many benefits and are worth investing in. They provide a source of light, help with air circulation, can alleviate some of your dependence on the air conditioning system and lower your electric bill, and can add a touch of decoration to a room.


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Choosing a Fan


There are many types of fans. Modern wood ceiling fans are made out of natural wood, and painted blades are made from solid wood. You can get cross-laminated veneer, or veneered constant-density board.

Fans have all different types of lamp designs which can really add a nice touch to a room. Having a fan with a light fixture will give you the light you need in your room but allow you to refrain from taking up valuable floor space in your room.

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Classic look

A modern wood ceiling fan is a classic look and can go with almost any room. If you want to have your fan create a little contrast in the room, then make sure it is a similar shade to the color of your floor; you will also want the lamp on the fan to not be to outlandish if the blades don’t blend in with the ceiling color.

You could get a fan with blades that blends in and a very unique light fixture to create the contrast. Alternatively, you can make it an accent piece in your house and buy one that is a totally different color than the walls, ceiling or floor in your room; if you do that then make sure the blades and the light fixture are the same shade so you aren’t over doing it.

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If you want the fan to blend in with everything then, you need to match the entire fan to the ceiling color as close as possible. If you want to add creative lighting sources like funky lamps, then a fan that blends in to the ceiling is a good idea.

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