Lamps bring a certain warmth and usability in a home, office or hotel. Even better are vintage stiffel lamps that merge utility and a nice play of aesthetics to keep your space well lit and attractive to the eyes.

It’s interesting to explore just how much you can achieve using lamps to spruce up the look and feel of your home.


First consider the need – what level of illumination do you need for that specific place? For instance, the light needed for a bedroom differs from one needed in a home office and so on. Picking lamps that can adjust their illumination is a plus.

Secondly, try and visualize how the lamp will blend in with the surrounding home or office decor. Better lamps are those that spotlight the surrounding environment they are placed in and makes it pop out more attractively.

You also need to determine where to place them keeping in mind how prone they are to damage, especially from children.


There are many ways to use vintage stiffel lamps. Besides the obvious reason for lighting up a home, they can also be used as a decorative item. Certain lamps are well designed to look attractive in a home or office, adding to the decor of the place.

The lamps can be used for studying (reading) and working; for the case of intricate technical chores that need best lighting to achieve a task e.g. fixing a wrist watch.

Vintage stiffle lamps can also be improvised and used as chandeliers. This presents an out of the box style for your home. They can also be used as outdoor lighting when having an outdoor eat out, a party with friends or some time chilling at the open veranda outside.

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Last note

Their ease in portability makes it even much easier. The next time you’re out buying lamps, give a keen look and consideration to stiffel vintage lamps. You’ll love the choice.

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