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It’s a a tall elaborate kerosene table lamp.Typically found in homes of the wealthy, they are generally a very ornate. Some of the antique banquet oil lamps includes a variety of styles, sizes and finishes.

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The lamps can be made in numerous combinations of designs and materials. . There are different types of Banquet lamps some of them are like Antique Brass Banquet Lamp, Etched Glass Font Oil Lamp with Etched Shade , Amethyst Font Banquet Lamp, Copper Kerosene Banquet Lamp, Wrought Iron Banquet Lamp, Nickel & Marble Banquet Lamp, Huge Brass and Marble Banquet Oil Lamp,etc.

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These lamps were mostly made for reading purpose. Such lamps cannot be used to light the large area. But some of the banquet lamps were very tall and designed to light up a huge banquet room.

Such lamps can also be used for decoration purpose. It also beautify the house with its antique design.

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