Batman leg lamp – a part of superhero in your room

Ever dreamed of having a superhero to stand guard while you are in your room? The dream can come true now with the Batman Leg Lamp. The Leg Lamp is like your normal lamp stand with a stand, bulb, and shade.

batman leg lamp photo - 1


Then what is so special about the Batman Leg Lamp? The Batman Leg Lamp has the Batman theme, the most favorite hero of many kids nowadays. The stand of the lamp is made to look like the leg of Batman while the shade of the lamp contains the Batman logo.

With the shade on, the Batman leg lamp would light up your room with the Batman logo. You can remove the shade if you want to, as it is detachable.

batman leg lamp photo - 2


In addition to this design, you can light the leg stand itself apart from the light at the top of the stand. If you have kids who love Batman, then the Batman Leg Lamp would be a fine addition to their cave.

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