Bring the outdoors in with the Tree stump lamp

Nothing gives a room a vintage and outdoor feel like a tree stump. While it has popularly been used to make furniture, there is anew and interesting way to use it, as a lamp.


This lamp is basically uses a tree trump as the base of a lamp. There are several ways that the tree trump can be incorporated into a lamp. The first is when the stump acts as a lamp base. This is where a hole is drilled in the middle of the stump and a lamp fixed on it.
Another way is when all the inside part of a trunk is removed and bulb fitted inside it, deliberate cracks are then made to allow light pass through. This gives a dim romantic kind of light.


A bulb holder can also be fixed on a stump hence creating a tree stump lamp. There are various ways one can use a tree stump lump to and that extra to any living or bedroom. This method is a must try for anyone trying to give their home that vintage touch.

tree stump lamp photo - 1
tree stump lamp photo - 2
tree stump lamp photo - 5
tree stump lamp photo - 6
tree stump lamp photo - 7
tree stump lamp photo - 8


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