Suspended ceiling fluorescent lights – 10 tips for installing

If you are getting your house renovated and if that includes the installation of new ceiling fluorescent light, there is no need to panic over the overhead charges of drywall work.

For the time being you could manage to fix your suspended ceiling fluorescent light and that’ll be more beneficial. Firstly the ducts, pipes, cables must be looked for and modified as per the plan and the second thing is to see the suspended wall and find an appropriate solution.


There are many who carry out the suspended ceiling fluorescent lights installation on their own and to execute the procedure you just require simple household mechanical tools.

Metal grids are present that support the light weight panels, and for the same reason, it is within the capabilities of most of the homeowners to do it their self. If you are the one who is concerned about the look, then one could look for drop-in ceilings that are obtainable in a wide variety and over the years have become very famous.

Primarily for basements

Suspended ceiling fluorescent lights are not for everyone to handle nor does it suits every place, it is primarily for basements or first floor rooms that have bathrooms over hard.

By chance, if a seep out appears in the overhead plumbing, a hovering ceiling can signify the dissimilarity between a costly, protracted repair job and a negligible bother.


Sufficient head clearance is required for suspended ceiling. Requirements vary from house to house, but the standard demand is 7-ft ceiling height if it is absolutely new construction.

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If you are renovating the earlier ceiling then the requirement would be a lower ceiling height. If roughly spoken all you need is 4 inch of space between the new and old ceiling so that the panels could be tilted and 2 inch extra if one wishes to install drop-in or full panel fluorescent ceiling lights.

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