Star ceiling light kit – 10 facts of their growing popularity

A star ceiling light kit is primarily a lighting concept that creates an illusion of a glowing or twinkling starlit sky on a ceiling. For several years now, this feature has been used in movie theaters, homes, spas, hotels, casinos, and pool houses.

However, in the recent past, a number of cancer treatment hospices, nurseries, and home theaters have begun to spur demand for these start ceilings. These are equally popular in both commercial and residential establishments.

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Illumination effect

This illumination effect of star ceiling light kit provides a very soothing and elegant ambiance, which is one of the main reasons for the popularity of the fiber optic starfield ceiling.

The basics of this particular illumination concept are very simple. There are hundreds (sometimes thousands) of minuscule plastic fibers that are installed along the surface of a ceiling by drilling tiny holes in it.

With the help of a single illumination source, the ends of these fibers can be lit up, which creates hundreds of bright dots on your ceiling. The white lights resemble stars in the sky. Users can choose between different light sources such as LED, HID or quartz halogen.

Concept’s vision

This concept is possible owing to fiber optic cables. The fiber optic technology has also been employed to improve machine vision lighting in the recent years.  If you wish to integrate this lighting concept in your residential or commercial establishment, it is recommended that you discuss this with your architect, interior decorator or contractor.

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Last word

There has been a growing demand for such star ceilings light kits in hospices as the soft twinkling glow of the lights provides a soothing effect to the senses of patients undergoing treatment.

In fact, there are some nurseries where these ceilings have been incorporated in a bid to help stimulate the senses of babies, with the help of contrasting and twinkling lights. A user can control the brightness and glow speed of the starlit ceiling with the help of a remote control.

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