How The Simple Star wars lightsaber lamp Can Bring The World of Fantasy In Your Kids’ Room

Is it hard for your son or daughter to sleep alone in his or her room? He or she may feel scared to sleep with darker light. Some parents may take this for granted, but kids need to have, at least, a very low light of Star wars lightsaber lamp to accompany them to sleep well.

The Popularity of Star Wars Lightsaber Lamp

Kids love to have their favorite characters on their bedroom. They feel like they are entering the different world that they always want to enroll. These days, the most popular movie character is the characters in Star Wars. Imagine how your kids will thank you for providing Star Wars lightsaber desk lamp in their rooms.

The Star wars lightsaber lamp technology has delivered its magnificent impact to a desk lamp. So, imagine how the lampshade with the famous Star Wars characters can bring such an amazing lighting performance in your kids’ room.

For the best ambiance, choose colorful lightsabers, yet with moderate volts to avoid high electricity consumption.

#1 Darth Vader Gear Lamp

This lamp will become an excellent present for all fans of space saga. The item was exclusively licensed by the creators of the movie LucasFilms. The metal basis of the lamp was made as fine replica of Darth Vader’s light saber blade. A powerful 100W lamp can be used to enlighten everything around. A laser engraved shade has got a gear that symbolizes an empire and a machine into which Anakin has turned.

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star wars lightsaber lamp photo - 1

#2 Last Hope Obi Van Kenobi Lamp

The desire of balance and peace is engraved in this winged blade bedside lamp. The Obi Van Kenobi’s blade copy was used as a stem for this lamp. This fine lamp model will come to taste for both kids and adults as many generations have grown up and they will be glad to have this fine illuminating device in their collection. A fine fabric shade offers an excellent level of light diffusion for comfortable reading as well.

star wars lightsaber lamp photo - 2

#3 Republic Jedi Table Lamp

The finest laser engraving of this model creates a fine 3d image of the republic that looks like a holographic projection. The item has got a fine reinforced stem for additional stability so that it wouldn’t get tossed over easily in a complete darkness, when you are searching for a switch. The switch itself is represented in a form of a chain that hangs just below the edge of the shade to be found more easily.

star wars lightsaber lamp photo - 3

#4 USB Powered Night Light

This simple portable light solution will be an excellent option for those people who spend a lot of time near the monitors of their personal computers. Sitting in a complete darkness can be really harmful for your eyes and that is why some portion of light is always necessary when working with PC. Just plug it into your USB port and a portion of fine relaxing Jedi colour will illuminate the area around you workspace.

star wars lightsaber lamp photo - 4

#5 Laptop Connected Light Sword Lamp

This desktop lamp was made as a fine copy of Luke Skywalker’s sword. With minimum assembly you’ll receive a fine lamp that is excellent work and leisure. The source of light is represented by a powerful led lamp with low energy consumption that can be activated with a standard computer port. In addition, there is a button on the hilt of the blade to turn it on/off when you desire.

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star wars lightsaber lamp photo - 5

#6 Let the Force Be With You

This standard barrel desk lamp will definitely catch an eye of a Star Wars fan. The noble weapon that was used by Jedis will now grant you light. See the light side of the force forge its way through the darkness. The lamp is officially certified by the creators and has got an official silver plated logo on the bottom of the stem. The lamp itself emits pleasant blue light that is not too dull and not too bright.

star wars lightsaber lamp photo - 6

#7 Wall Mounted Star Wars Fan Lamp

This light blade solution has got two ways of mounting. There is a standard fixture to place it on the table and there is a special opportunity to mount it on the wall as a usual luminescent wall mounted lamp. Among other peculiarities of this fine model is the presence of a remote control with which you can control the light from any place in your room, even from the bed.

star wars lightsaber lamp photo - 7

#8 Green Firm Stem Lamp

The laser blade of a legendary master Jedi Yoda was used for this model. It offers a decent portion of fine green light that was publicly recognized by the scientist to have a beneficial effect on cerebral system as it relaxes the neurons and increases the recovery rate of the body after a hard day of work. Just pull the string and your room will emerge of dark, being engulfed with fine green hues of photons.

star wars lightsaber lamp photo - 8

#9 Three Characters Lamp Gift Set

For those people who are really crazy about the worlds created by George Lucas this set of three lamps would become an excellent acquisition. First of all three lamps go cheaper than buying them separately and each of them has a unique design resembling the sword of the owner. Moreover, each device has got the lamp of an individual colour: red, blue and green to provide extra authenticity to the blades.

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#10 Dark VS Light Lamp Set

Dark and light side of the force have always been battling each other maintaining the balance in the universe. These two lamps perfectly illustrate this battle. One lamp symbolizes Anakin Skywalker, while another represents Darth Vader – the person Anakin became after being subdued by darkness. One lamp emits blue and another lamp grants red light. This is a perfect bedside set indeed.

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