Enhance Your Home Decors With the Unique Illumination from Beatles Yellow submarine lava lamp

Illuminate your rooms and enhance the beauty of your home decors with Beatles Yellow Submarine Lava Lamps, that are designed exclusively to give a rich look to your home interiors.

They are the perfect choice to give your children’s study room, bed room or the guest rooms a dazzling look. They take up very little space and are capable of emitting bright light through their yellow coloured glass globe, that are hand painted with the iconic art from animation movies.

Surprise your kids

Surprise your kids with this Yellow Submarine Lava lamps that have The Beatles ,that are hand painted inside the glass, are featured inside a submarine. This range of lava lamps emit out bright light from the yellow wax where the Beatles and submarine make up a perfect match.

Embellished with high quality techniques, these lamps are extremely sleek and are about 14.5 inches tall with an eye-catching artwork. These lamps weigh less than 2 kgs, and are extremely handy, durable and portable.

They consume very little power and are worth a treasure, for their price. Also, the base and cap of this Lava lamp have full fledged color decals, with great artwork from each album cover.

Equip yourselve

Equip yourselves with this unique piece of Beatles Yellow Submarine Lava lamps and enjoy the different sized formations of the interior melted wax that collide and split apart, as they ooze their way up and down the glass globe.

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