10 Factors to consider when buying Eiffel tower floor lamp

Eiffel tower floor lamp can be a great lighting fixture, which can serve both functional and decorative purposes. If you are looking to buy a floor lamp, there are a couple of things you should consider that will help you get the right one for your needs.

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Maximum Bulb Wattage

Checking the Eiffel tower floor lamp’s maximum allowed bulb wattage is crucial. It will help you decide whether the lamp is suitable for your specific purpose.

If you need a light to create a warm, relaxing ambiance in the room, a lamp with a low maximum allowed bulk wattage like 30W should
be fine for you.

However, if you need a light for specific tasks like reading or writing, you should go for a light that can take much stronger bulbs, preferably minimum 60W bulbs. This will assure your eyes will not get tired after a short time, which is the case when a bulb is too weak for a task.

You should never exceed the lamp’s maximum rated wattage, because that’s the most heat, that the construction of the lamp can take before it starts to meld down, or before it burns into flames depending on the lamp’s construction.

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You should also consider a switch type as a part of your floor lamp buying process. There are two basic types of switches: those that enable you to regulate the amount of light and those that do not have such an option.

Having a lamp with an adjustable switch gives you much more flexibility in tasks you can use the lamp for and at the same time gives you greater control over your electricity bills.

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However, fixing this type of switches in case of any faults may be more costly and more time to consume that a repair or a replacement of simple on and off switches.

So before buying lamps with the adjustable types of switches like dimmers and solid state switches you should check if the replacements are easily available in case they break. Otherwise, you may need to get rid of the floor light and switch altogether.

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Last word

So, if you carefully consider the above two factors; maximum bulb wattage and switch, you will drastically increase your chances of getting the right Eiffel tower floor lamps for your needs.

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