Illuminate Your rooms With the antique Shades From Rustic desk lamps

Illuminate your rooms with rustic desk lamps and experience a hazzle free radiance to brighten up your desks.


They add ecstasy to your home decors and are worth the money you spend for them. They come in glistening colors and eye-catching designs, and are hand-made, to give a unique touch of warming glow.

Rustic desk lamps are adorned with antlers and pine-cones, and they feature an imperial shade that gives a finishing touch to your living rooms, bed rooms and guest suites.

Variety of designs

Rustic desk lamps come in a great variety of designs and patterns. These lamps that are made of rustic wood, matt lacquer and linseed oil stain and pine wood have antique finishes of distressed brown nickel, paper silhouette or golden shades.

Also, they are available in a wide range of shapes ranging from Round Bell burlap, floral, rectangular and even shades with colored glasses on their exterior, to add up to their beauty .

All it requires for them, is an incandescent bulb of 60W or 100W to illuminate your rooms in a rustic style. They come with On/Off switches and twisted cloth covered wire that makes it easier for you to control their illumination level.

Last word

Equip yourselves with Rustic desk lamps and inspire your guests with a blend bright radiance and unique art of craftsmanship.

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