25 Tips for Choosing Pottery barn ceiling lights

There are several useful tips for choosing the best pottery barn ceiling lights for your home. Lighting is among the major elements that turn your house into a home.

Functional lighting system

A functional lighting system in the home enhances your feeling of comfort and safety, enables you to undertake household chores more easily and use your home most optimally.

Just like a wrong ingredient or its measurement can spoil your recipe, the wrong size or option of a pottery barn ceiling light can negatively affect the design, security feeling and comfort of your home space. Use these tips to make the right choice.

Scale the Space

This one is very obvious. This tip applies to all types of ceiling lights like chandeliers, flushmounts and pendants. The scaling is necessary for any room which needs the ceiling light.

Measure the length, width and height of the room(s). These measurements will help you in determining the most appropriate height and diameter of the ceiling light you should use in the affected room(s).

Measure the Clearance

The height and hanging length of any ceiling light to be used is as vital as its size in relation to the room it is meant to be used in and how it should be placed. The necessary clearance will be dependent on the height of the room and the placement of the fixture.

Naturally, the needed clearance for open foyers, living rooms and bedrooms where people normally walk beneath ceiling lights, will not be expected to be the same as that of a bathroom that has a tub.

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Measure Spacing

The spacing between and around ceiling lights is also a very vital consideration when choosing pottery barn ceiling lights. The spacing feature is more important when considered as it relates to other surrounding furniture.

Ceiling lights used over other furniture like dining tables or kitchen tubs might need to be adjusted slightly in hanging height, width or diameter.

Last word

Even though choosing pottery barn ceiling lights is greatly influenced by personal preferences, following these tips will surely ensure that you feel safe and comfortable with your selected ceiling light.

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