An Example of Western Style Ceiling Lights for a Room

Lighting in the country style plays a major role, it is chandeliers can give the room a free and relaxing atmosphere. Chandeliers in the country style prefer natural materials with minimal surface finish, preferably wood, it is inherent in the rustic style.

Fixtures are not characterized by glamour and intricacy of forms, just a simple appearance and creates the very harmony in the design of the room. Often, adhering to the boundaries of rustic style, decorative elements of chandeliers made of wood covered with varnish or non-colorful paint.

The lampshades of chandeliers of simple shapes, oval, round, without extra faceting, mostly white or milk color can create a warm, diffused light and provide comfort and coziness in the room.

About Western Ceiling Lights

There are plenty of options for you, when you are looking to buy the best Western ceiling lights. These lights include many types, from elegant chandeliers to pendants and ceiling lights. There are all types of vanities and lights, that you can utilize to your benefit.

Rustic lights

Another option would be rustic lights , reminding you of the old times some of the lights resemble oil lanterns, others look like wall sconces and candle holders. The best part is, these are all electricity powered, so your ordinary light fixture is transformed into something unique.

Ceiling fans with lights

Nothing recalls old times and elegance as much as western ceiling fans with lights. These products are there to help you with log cabin lighting, should you have a preference for the old world, rustic cabin look. Other products are more sophisticated; think of fans with chandeliers that resemble deer antlers.

From log lights to lights that resemble those that once graced the outback saloons, there are plenty of options for those looking for western ceiling lights.


№1 Fan chandelier

Source: Pinterest

The superiority of country lights is that they can complement the interior in a modern style, even restrained high-tech. Techniques of connecting decoration, which designers are very fond of, allow an impressive combination of differently directed things. Strict high-tech style can soften the chandelier with a lampshade, decorated with wicker, which will make the interior more comfortable. For a luxurious and rich baroque, you can use elegant country chandeliers with wrought iron elements.

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№2 Light fixture with deer antlers

Source: Pinterest

Nowadays, the country style is quite popular in the interior of bungalow apartments, country houses, themed cafeterias. The soft light of country chandeliers gives warm lighting, in such a room, wherever you are, you will feel cozy and comfortable. And the wooden base gives the most unusual appearance and creates an incredible atmosphere. Such a chandelier will be an attribute of your living room.

№3 Chandelier on a log wood

Source: Pinterest

A wooden chandelier seems like an innovative solution in the world of crystal and plastic fixtures. But designers have long used models made of beech, oak, and other species in their projects, creating cozy and warm interiors in the Western style. Because the material, namely wood, does not emit harmful substances, which allows you to choose chandeliers from it, and not to worry about your health.

№4 Massive helm lamp

Source: Pinterest

The model is particularly appropriate for “loft” spaces due to the rough woodwork and medieval context. The connection of times is strengthened by the candle bulbs along the rim and the metal chains. The helm chandelier can be hung in a country wooden house, in the interior of which natural stone, forged elements are used. In this case, the purpose of the room does not play a role.

№5 Modern Western chandelier

Source: Pinterest

This is just perfect for those who want to add a western spirit to an interior or complement it with a great element, which is what this chandelier will do. It combines wood, ropes, and glass. Such chandeliers made of wood in a minimalist style are relevant for modern interiors. They do not obstruct the space and give a sense of air, creating a harmonious tandem with glass surfaces and light curtains.

№6 Rope ceiling light chandelier

Source: Pinterest

Such a chandelier in the Western style can be made even with your own hands, and despite its simplicity, it looks just great, as well as emphasizes and complements the interior. Due to the fact that it is made only of ropes and light bulbs, it looks very light, stylish and will fit perfectly into the interior of the kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom and even child’s room. With its help, you can arrange a very unusual and interesting interior with notes of Western style.

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№7 Three-wheel chandelier

Source: Pinterest

These types of ceiling lights cannot just decorate, but literally transform any room – give it mysticism, solidity and saturate it with Western style. These types of chandeliers are no longer made, using only mechanical tools. Such a ceiling lamp will fit perfectly into the austere but laconic interior of your living room.

№8 Unusual ceiling lamp

Source: Pinterest

Such ceiling lights are a classic in the world of interior lighting in the Western style. They have been used for centuries, such candlelight fixtures decorated medieval castles. Modern wrought iron chandeliers with a variety of light sources are also popular. They combine with many styles of decoration, giving the room a special charm and creating an incredible comfort in the room.

№9 Incredible wooden ceiling lamp

Source: Pinterest

Wood is such a beautiful and malleable material in the hands of a creative and talented person that there are no limits to the areas for its use. Wooden lamps and chandeliers, made in the old days, are quite large, rough, and coarse. It is their lack of refinement and neatness of execution transports them into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages and the Western style.

№10 Metal ceiling lamp

Source: Pinterest

Metal is considered the most popular material used to make lighting fixtures, both home and outdoor. It is usually used to create the frame or base for the lamp. Strength is one of the main advantages of metal compared to other materials. And in this case, such a chandelier also serves as an excellent element of Western style due to its appearance.

№11 Ceiling barrel light fixture

Source: Pinterest

Such a ceiling light in the Western style is a very bold and unusual solution, because it is quite voluminous and bulky. It will not suit every interior, but here is where it will definitely fit perfectly in any case – it is a bath. If you want to make your bath or sauna in a Western style, then this ceiling light in the form of a wooden barrel will definitely suit you.

№12 Ceiling light on a branch

Source: Pinterest

Vintage lighting fixtures in the Western style have always been a special piece of interior design, creating an aura of some mystery and grandeur with a touch of romance. And transfer this feeling to your home is possible with the right choice of lighting element you need. And such a ceiling lamp with bulbs that hang from a branch from a real tree will certainly become a major element of your interior.

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№13 Perforated ceiling lamp

Source: Pinterest

This metallic western style ceiling lamp will decorate your room or living room during the day, and at night will mesmerize you with its incredible beauty and patterns on your walls and ceiling. These chandeliers often hang in children’s rooms, because a nice warm light of the lamp seeps through the small holes and leaves incredible patterns on the walls and ceiling, which look like the starry sky.

№14 Propeller lamp

Source: Pinterest

It is not easy to find a ceiling lamp in a Western style, which would suit a modern interior, but if you come across such a lamp in the store – take it without hesitation, it is perfect. Due to its unusual shape this chandelier will be an unusual element of your interior and will add a note of Western style in your living room, kitchen, bedroom or even children’s room.

№15 Ceiling lamp with cans

Source: Pinterest

This pendant light is just something incredible. Seemingly ordinary canning jars, but no, these are no ordinary jars, this is the most incredible ceiling light in your life. This is a beautiful ceiling lighting system that will add a soulful touch of rustic home and create a comfortable western style space around your interior.

№16 Tree Lighting

Source: Pinterest

If you have high ceilings in your home, you want to buy a ceiling light in a western style and you want not just a chandelier, but something unusual, non-standard, and incredible, then this wood ceiling light is clearly created just for you. Moreover, it is made of environmentally friendly materials – whole wood, and therefore your interior will become one with nature and create a charming atmosphere in your living room.

№17 Staircase Ceiling Light

Source: Pinterest

Reliable and practical lighting pendant has become a true symbol of luxury. It is he who sets the overall mood of the room, successfully emphasizes the strengths of the interior. That symbol and element is actually this chandelier, which is made of solid wooden stairs.

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