Large ceiling light shades FOR POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT ENERGY

Beautifully illuminated areas in home are important in order to have a normal life filled with positive energy. If rooms have bad lighting according to Feng Sui it will have effects on our psyche, we will be negative and depressed.

If our living room is filled with large ceiling light shades, during the day a large amount of daylight and in the afternoon and evenings effective and beautiful lamps and chandeliers, on life we will certainly watch optimistic and beautiful.


Whether we use extra large ceiling light shades or those a little less depends of dimensions of our home. If you have a large living room, high walls, visit the nearest store with chandeliers and Find the one that most suits your space.

Large chandeliers with several bulbs will provide good lighting in your room and it will be a nice decoration at the same time. You just have to decide about the model – whether you want it be a rustic model, classic, mdern…

If you do not have windows in the hallway I recommend you ceiling fixture and several decorative wall lamps so you’ll have all the time good lighting. As for the color of large chandeliers, I would have advised the opposite of the color of the ceiling.

If the ceiling is in lighter shade or white, select large luster of darker tones. On that way it will come to the fore and would not sunk into the ceiling.


If you have problems with uneven ceiling a good solution for you can be subdued large ceiling light shades. Often this type of decorating home is used to make lower the room, hide irregularities in the existing ceiling, hiding the installation…

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What I most like about the subdued ceiling is lighting can be placed on it. You can mount several large lamps or bulbs or a few discreet bulbs all depends on what you prefer.

If days are short for you, make them visually longer with good lighting that will be in the evening successfully replacement for wonderful daylight.

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