Suspended ceiling lights – your indoor beauty

Suspended ceiling lights provide creativity by bringing about the ‘bat effect’.


Its really a beauty especially when they are properly installed.A creative technician;in installing suspended ceiling lights will ensure that only the actual lamp is seen.

The electric cords are not seen thus the overall effect is that light will illuminate the room,while one will be left wondering the how the connection from the light switch to the lamp is. Suspended ceiling lights are of various forms; again, this is from on the developments that have been done in this field.


Pendants and chandeliers are the most commonly used types. Pendants are suspended ceiling lights with only one focal point lamp while chandeliers have multiple focus points when observed.

Suspended ceiling lights are used both indoors in the kitchen,dining rooms and hallways/corridors and outdoors too. Just like other lights,suspended ceiling lights can be powered by AC current or DC current too according to their ratings.

suspended ceiling lights photo - 1
suspended ceiling lights photo - 2
suspended ceiling lights photo - 3
suspended ceiling lights photo - 7
suspended ceiling lights photo - 8


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