Outdoor hurricane lamps – when the name for a lamp can be misleading

You must be thinking that a hurricane lamp has to deal with a hurricane, but the term “hurricane lamp” can be seen misleading to many people. The name outdoor hurricane lamps originates from the glass shade’s ability to protect the flame from a sudden draft.


Hurricane shades were first known as India shades or candle shades. These type of candles were first used in the mid 19th century for primarily homes of the wealthy.

The development and design of the hurricane shades went on to be used for many other things such as the improvement of chimneys for oil and kerosene lamps. Outdoor hurricane lamps can take the same position as a normal hurricane lamp, but there are ways you can add decor to your outdoor lamp.

Last word

When you want to add a little bit of decor to your outdoor hurricane lamps, you can add some sand to the vase or add a vase filler to create some dimensions to your hurricane lamps.

Even if you don’t feel like adding any decor to your hurricane lamps, they still add a classically elegant dimension to your garden or your patio.

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outdoor hurricane lamps photo - 2
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