Bed reading lamps – 10 important things you need to know about it!

Bed reading lamps are important part of our home, they provide good visibility and have decor value. When it comes to bed reading lamp, you should consider few things before purchase.

Not only it needs to fit into rest of interior, it also has to be eye appealing and practical because bedroom is the place where you prepare yourself for next day.

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You can choose smaller lamps if you like to have little light while sleeping or you do not have much place for it on the nightstand. They will not take so much space, be easily to combine and they will not be distraction.

On the other side, you can choose bigger or taller reading lamps for bed if you want to have enough light to read or surf in your bed or you simply prefer using lamps in the middle of the night because your switch is on the other side of the room. It will give you enough light so you can see what are you doing and where are you going.

Using shades is also individual decision, but be sure to choose halfway see through shades because they will give you just enough light dim.

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Be sure that your bed reading lamps correspond with the rest of interior, whether it is about colour or design of the lamp. If you want to achieve more elegant look, go for medium lamps with white, coffee beige, dark blue and grey shades.

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Also, patterns and live colours can be used as well if they match with drapes, bedclothes or carpets.

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