Mining lamp – 10 secret facts to know!

You got it now. This is the last article you will read on mining lamps since it well detailed and descriptive. Mining lamps are used during the underground mining.

Special helmets

They are often worn on some special helmets to assist in lighting. Mining lamps are of different types: carbide lamp and safety lamp. The safety lamps are of two types: davy lamp and wheat lamp.

Carbide lamps are use to burn acetylene formed during reaction of calcium carbide and water. Carbide lamps are carried by hand or worn on the helmets. The lamp has a reflector that helps to project a broad light.

Safety lamp is a type of mining lamps. It is oftenly used in coal mines. They provide illumination and are designed in a way that they can work in air which has coal dust or gases which are flammable.

Explosion-proof electric lights

Explosion-proof electric lights have often replaced the safety lamps. Davy lamps is a type of mining lamps and is used in highly flammable atmospheres. It has a wick lamp which is covered in a mesh screen.

Wheat lamps are used in underground mining and are usually worn on the helmets davy lampcarbide lampsafety lamp.

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