TOP 14 Mini Table Lamps

#1 Crystal table lamp

This crystal lamp is an ultimate option for your side table if you want to brighten it up with love and warmth. This cylindrical shape lamp runs over touch control system. You can control the brightness of the lamp by tapping over the metal base or by tapping over the shade. The lamp consists of an LED bulb that gives copious amount of light.

#2 Industrial desk lamp mini table lamp

Another unique style desk lamp is this C-shaped lamp that comes with a silhouette. The style is welcoming and occupies very little space over the desk. It comprises of a LED bulb that helps to bright up the space pretty quickly. The lamp is made up of iron or wood whatever suit you best.

#3 ROTTOGOON touch control table lamp

Well if you are looking for touch lamps then this is another classic design kind of lamp best for you. The lamp has a candelabra style which consist of 6W led bulb in it that is ideal for giving plenty of bright and light to the room. The color of the lamp is light warm white and yes, the bulb is dimmable.

#4 Bedside table lamp aooshine solid wood

Another side table lamp good for you and giving you a lot of shine is from Aooshine wood table lamp. The lamp is beige in color and it is made up of wood with a silver base over which is rest conveniently. The lamp is dual-2 pin lamp ideal to be placed in living room to provide a lot of light and brightness.

#5 Metal nightstand lamp

Another great option for you all is the metal nightstand lamp. The lamp can give you plenty of light and you can place it over your living room or bedroom. The lamp is made up of a metal shade with metal frame over it rest. The soft linen fabric gives dimmable light and soft enough to prevent eye strain.

#6 Sottae side table lamp

The side table lamp is made up of crystal with care and ease. The lamp shade is white fabric giving smooth and gentle light out of the lamp shade. The single bulb is led source and can brighten up your room or bedroom. The crystal lamp gives a luxurious look that look elegant and smart.

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#7 Marrakech handmade Turkish lamp

The Turkish lamp represents more of a tiffany style and design. The Turkish lamps are made up of glass, pure glass in fact. The material of Turkish mosaic design shade and lamp is also glass. The lamp is ideal for gifts and for keeping living and bedrooms bright and shine.

#8 JHY design set of 2 metal mesh table lamp

These set of two metal mesh table lamps are a new trend to give out soft and dim light. These two table lamps are cordless and offers a 6 hour timer as well. You can place these wherever you wish to and these are available in vase form or circular shape too.

#9 3-way touch dimmable lamp

Three-way touch dimmable lamp says it all as it is a three-way electric corded lamp with 2 USB ports and the light it offers is dimmable hence making it ideal for bedroom side table lamps as well. The shade of the lamp is yellow and the lamp is made with high quality.

#10 Touch bedside lamp with USB

The bedside touch lamp with USB is a three-way electric corded lamp with dimmable light. Its dimmable light makes it the best fit for bedroom side tables. This high-quality lamp generates light intensity of light thereby giving off a soft yellow light that makes a soothing environment in the bedroom.

#11 Bedside table lamp, modern design

This bedside table lamp is perfect as a bedside lamp because the metal frame work it has and the metal made shade helps to keep the light smooth and prevent eye strain as well. The light source is either halogen or led type. But you can use it for bedside and gift it as well.

#12 Hsyile retro table lamp

A more of a bar café type design this table lamp is but it is ideal as a decoration. The color of the lamp is all-black. The light source is led and power source electric corded. The shade color is black giving classy design. The material used is glass and the on and off switch is in middle of the cord.

#13 SOTTAE ceramic side table lamp

The ceramic side table lamp is best for bedroom and living room. The lamp is a nightstand lamp with white soft linen fabric shade material. The power source is electric corded and gives a much dimmer but classic light shade. You can gift such lamps to friends and family on occasions as well.

#14 Jonathan Justine

These are Jonathan table lamps with modern and classic look. They have a bespoke lampshade with easy in one switch and soft led light bulb. The lamp can illuminate the room with warmth and love. You can gift it or keep it in living room or over the bedside as well.

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