Abacus lamp – perfect geeky lamp to decorate your favourite room

Your belongings and your home’s decor speaks a lot about your intellectual level and your personality. Whether it is for the vibe or to suit the environment, an abacus lamp is a perfect study room companion.

An abacus represents an ancient form of computing which has evolved into the binary computing in your laptops and PCs. So geeks out there check out this unique looking lamp.

abacus lamp photo - 1

Choosing your abacus lamp

Well this sophisticated looking lamp isn’t only for geeks but for anyone who would like to give their home a unique look. This comes in wide variety of colours and shapes. This comes as a flat abacus and also box shaped which has abacus on each face.

abacus lamp photo - 2

Where to use abacus lamp

This is a perfect way to encourage kids and students to learn from our surroundings. This goes well in your living room, study room and also beside your computer! So grab this abacus lamp now!

abacus lamp photo - 3
abacus lamp photo - 4
abacus lamp photo - 5
abacus lamp photo - 6
abacus lamp photo - 7
abacus lamp photo - 8
abacus lamp photo - 9


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