Magic lamps that will create coziness

#1 2021 New The enchanted Lunar lamp

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#2 Gresus 6 inches magic plasma ball lamp

Gresus 6 Inch Plug-in Magic Plasma Ball Lamp - Touch & Sound Sensitive Interactive Plasma Lamp Nebula Sphere Globe, Science Educational Gift for Decorations/Parties/Bedroom

Gresus is a magical plasma lamp that has inert gas filled in it. And the inert gas aids to create colorful streams of electricity creating excitement among users. The gresus plasma ball has a touch-sensitive system that allows the users to spread fingers over the ball and turn the sparks of the ball in either direction. It is also sound sensitive and radiates a different array of LED lights to give an enchanted look.

#3 LED firework 3D star colorful night

LED Firework 3D Star Effect Colorful Night Light USB Projector Lamp Magic Crystal Glass Ball Night Light with Wood Base Decorative Lamp for Gifts & Decor, Gift for Friend and Family (Firework)

This firework type of lamp gives a much appealing and festive look. The round ball is made up of either glass or wood and it rests over a flat wooden block. The color of the round ball shade is warm white and the type of light source it uses is LED. Through computer or mobile cable you can charge the LED firework lamp. The design is more of a firework so when switched on the lamp emits firework-like lights.

#4 Ziv luxury classic legend Aladdin lamp

Ziv Luxury Classic Legend Aladdin Magic Genie Light Lamp Pot Classic Silver-Tin Alloy Decoration & Gift (Gold)

We have all watched the all-time famous movie Aladdin and we remember the Aladdin classic and traditional genie kettle. Well, this lamp is based on that style. This genie lamp gives out a vintage look. The lamp creates a mystical and warming atmosphere wherever it is used. The genie lamp has a floral design and gives out bright emitting lights when used.

#5 Enchanted lunar lamp memorial magical

Anlewo Enchanted Lunar Lamp, Galaxy Memorial Magic Night Light Levitating Moon Lamp,Girl Boys Lights Room Decor Cool Gifts for Women,Handmade Hemp Rope Sepak Takraw Lamp USB Powered

If you want to brighten up your living room in the evening this is the best option for you all. The enchanted lunar lamp is a crescent shape lamp with handmade hemp rope and a durable copper wire lamp hanging from it. The overall body structure of the lamp is made from iron. And the shade gives warm white LED lights when switched on.

#6 Zhaoming light lamp lunar lamp

Mind-glowing 3D Moon Lamp - Kids Moon Night Light Ball with Stand, 16 Colors, Touch/Remote Control, Cool Birthday Gifts for Any Year Old Girls & Boys, Bedroom Decor for Women (4.7 inch)
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Mind-glowing 3D Moon Lamp - Kids Moon Night Light Ball with Stand, 16 Colors, Touch/Remote Control, Cool Birthday Gifts for Any Year Old Girls & Boys, Bedroom Decor for Women (4.7 inch)

This is a beautiful shape lunar lamp perfect to brighten up your bedrooms with its beautiful bright light. The lunar lamp has a half-moon shape structure with handmade hemp rope all over the iron framework and through one of the pole hangs a star shape copper made lamp that gives bright and enchanted light to the room of yours.

#7 Magic plasma disco ball lamps

Magic Plasma Disco Ball Lamps Touch Sound Sensitive Desk Tesla Coil Lamp Light Nebula Sphere Lightning Globe Home Room Decor electrostatic Flashing Balls Nightlight 8 Inch

The magic plasma disco ball is an 8-inch interesting magical lamp. The disco ball is both sound and touches sensitive. You can spread and move your fingers over the ball and notice the lights splashing and radiating around your fingertips. The Magic plasma disco ball lamp is both battery and USB charged so it is a lot convenient and an excellent choice.

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