Meter lamp – 10 reasons to collect

The world seems to be going back in time. As modern technology is completely overtaking our lives, many people are looking for a piece of history to keep them grounded. One such piece is the electric meter lamp.

If you want to show your appreciation to someone like your dad or grandfather who has been a part of that history, this is a perfect gift for a lifetime.

Why the meter lamp is different

Made from old residential electric meter, each meter lamp is carefully cleaned of accumulated dirt and corrosion, and polished to reveal the natural luster of unadulterated brass.

The mechanism is then set on a strong base and sealed inside a dome to preserve its original look. A reflector bulb draws the current from the meter circuit and casts a beautiful glow on the slowly rotating meter mechanism.

Some available meter lamps

  1. Legacy Circa 1920 Antique
  2. The Metropolitan Antique Residential Electric
  3. Westinghouse Heritage Antique
  4. The Tiffany 5th Avenue Antique
  5. Thomas Edison Antique Residential Antique Electric

meter lamp photo - 1
meter lamp photo - 3
meter lamp photo - 5
meter lamp photo - 6
meter lamp photo - 9

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