Jellyfish lava lamp – 10 favorite bed room items of all times

Jellyfish lava lamps are favorite bed room items of all times. They offer good lighting quality with a subtle feel making your bedroom more cozy and relaxing.

Sense of curiosity

These lava lamps also provide a sophisticated sense of curiosity on how the lava lamp works and how those lavas do doesn’t touch each other. A common lava lamp has different blobs floating around its tubes.

These blobs have different colors that swim along a color water as well. More over with the development of many models, the blob on the lava lamps have also evolved like changing these blobs into different shapes. A jellyfish lava lamp is one of the most popular innovations.

Lighting effects

These lava lamps works as the light on the bottom of the lamp heats up the water and the things that floats in it. The different temperature within the flask makes the blob move up and down. The difference in density of these liquid materials inhibits them from combining.

In these innovations the lava lamp jellyfish appears to be moving as if they are swimming in sea water itself. These jellyfish also provides additional fun to those who are looking at them. This makes the room more dynamic and livelier. The light it omits differs on your preference as you can turn in bright or dim.


They give a playful touch from the dynamic jellyfish and also provide a romantic light feeling for couples who are enjoying their time together. For children, jellyfish lava lamps bring them closer to their under the sea fantasies.

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