Illuminate Your Dwelling in warmth and style with Pottery barn glass lamps

The decor of your house can be increased manifolds with the perfect pottery barn glass lamps. The ambiance in the house can be upgraded with suiting light effect that can be envied guests that visit your place.

The hues of the lamp to enhance the décor

The bedroom that needs to be cozy can be decorated with hues of blue and white lights. It provides a cool and soothing effect to the eyes and helps to relax. Shades of yellow or pink can be perfect for the living rooms.

Pottery barn glass lamps continue to be the vogue for decorating the living rooms that provides an exotic look to the area.

Multi usability of pottery barn glass lamp

Pottery barn glass lamps can be more of a decorative piece along with being light. The glass section at the bottom gives the lamp charismatic look. The hanging barn glass lamps can be placed on the study table to be used for late night studies.

It will look elegant and provide the optimum required light.

#1 Lovely Barn Glass Trio

The barn glass lamps are rather elegant and attractive when it comes to their usage in the interiors. The glass can be painted into any color as well as the shade of the item. This makes the lamp universally applicable for any type of interior. These three pretty lamps serve as an excellent illustration of the statement. Several lamps of the kind can be used in the premise for zonal accents as well.

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#2 Romantic Stylish Composition

The natural shade of this pottery barn glass lamp is perfectly compatible with a bedside table that was performed of wood. Together with some books and a cup of coffee, we acquire a fine composition that radiates with warmth and home comfort that is really hard to resist. This would be a dream for any person who prefers comfort in everything.

#3 Arabian Shaped Pottery Barn Glass Lamp

All of you have heard or seen the story about the Aladdin and his magic lamp. Here we have a lovely pottery barn glass lamp that was probably inspired with 1001 Arabian nights. The model is performed with numerous curves which add a peculiar eastern air to this pretty item. It seems that you need to rub it and you will see a genie that will be ready to fulfil your three wishes.

#4 Dual Stylish Barn Glass Lamps

The writing desk of a busy person requires some portion of light. A decent table requires a decent source of light. In this case we are introducing a couple of stylish barn glass lamps. These items will surely add some style to overall working bench of the owner of the table. With such glamorous items the person will not suffer from the lack of light on the table while reading or writing something.

#5 Colourful Bright Glass Solutions

As it was previously stated there are various colours of lamps that can charm any person that will cast a glance on the items. Here we can see marvellous orange hued pottery barn glass lamps that are radiating with warmth and coziness. They were probably inspired by autumn as all of them have got a similar shade of fallen leaves colour.

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pottery barn glass lamps photo - 1

#6 Violet Pottery Barn Glass Lamp

The amethyst colour is often considered the colour of royalty and mystery. It is often connected with some high society and at the same time this colour is a rather dreamful colour that inspires the thoughts of life.

This barn glass pottery lamp in a dark purple colour will become an excellent focal point of the interior, while the shade will match the curtains, carpets or furniture colour in the room where it will be set.

pottery barn glass lamps photo - 2

#7 Olive Styled Big and Small Pottery Lamp

The set of big and small brother lamps is rather popular in the world of design. And they are often placed on some chest of drawers or above fireplace to accentuate the territory or some sort of picture. In this case we have got two green coloured pottery barn glass lamps that are decorating the dining table and which are silent observers of numerous events.

pottery barn glass lamps photo - 4

#8 Glass Lamp with Extra Filling

The fantasy of designer knows no boundaries and takes various shapes. In this aspect we can see classic pottery barn glass lamps performed in transparent glass. However, you will see that it was modified by adding some yellowish pages from old foliants or love letters. In fact, any memorable document can be placed into the lamp and when the light is turned on it immediately reminds about some important events in the life of the owner.

pottery barn glass lamps photo - 5

#9 Stone Like Pot Glass Lamp

Glass is fragile but universal material and it can take any shape while it is hot. In this case we have two olive coloured pottery barn glass lamps which were possibly inspired by the ancient Greek amphorae. In these models the glass definitely resembles some expensive marble or any other precious stone that decorates the royal palaces.

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pottery barn glass lamps photo - 8

#10 Exclusive Warm Light Transparent Glass Lamp

There is always something mysterious in transparent glass items. You can see the reflection of the surrounding world in them that is distorted through the curves of the material. The idea of a crystal ball that can see a future is possibly hidden in these crafted pottery barn glass lamps. The warmth of light that passes through the textile shade hides beneath the surface of this lovely tale.

pottery barn glass lamps photo - 9


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