Dog lamps – Bringing man’s best friend to light

If you are looking for a unique style to help light up your room then you will certainly create a talking point by opting for a dog lamp. Growing in popularity, these lamps come in many shapes and sizes and combine our love for our favourite pet with a practical way to light up any space.

These lamps brings the natural feeling of light.

What does a dog lamp look like?

There are many styles, some featuring dogs as the base, with a separate shade – a particular favourite are dog lamps which feature the lampshade sat over the dog’s head, looking like a dog that has just come back from the vet!

What are foo dog lamps?

A very specific style in this unusual genre are the foo dog lamps which have a long history, and come as a pair of table lamps with the unique Chinese foo dog as the base.

dog lamps photo - 1
dog lamps photo - 2
dog lamps photo - 3
dog lamps photo - 5
dog lamps photo - 7
dog lamps photo - 8
dog lamps photo - 9

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