Excellent Features of Blue Lava Lamps

Everyone has had his/her houses decorated with a lava lamp. Blue Lava lamps have become increasingly popular over the years. Your decision on picking a blue lava lamp which is right for you depend on factors such as the room you want to use it, the scheme of your room, and many other personal preferences. Below are some excellent features of Blue Lava Lamps.

Quality of Light

One of the primary difficulties with most blue lighting is that the light is very harsh. Blue Lava lamps provide an extremely diffuse lighting, that is neither harsh to look at nor does it create any glare.

The color of Light

The light of a lava lamp is entirely flexible, as it comes in a wide array of different forms. This is wonderful for providing accents in someone’s apartment or creating a style of light that best suits the person.

blue lava lamps photo - 1


Moving light mesmerizes us, and gives an entire room character. The movement of a blue lava lamp, coupled with stronger overhead lighting, provides a more natural sense of action to the light in the room.

blue lava lamps photo - 2
blue lava lamps photo - 3
blue lava lamps photo - 5
blue lava lamps photo - 6
blue lava lamps photo - 7
blue lava lamps photo - 8
blue lava lamps photo - 9


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