Buddha head lamp – western traditions in lightning

Buddha head lamp is a mixture of ancient tradition and modern lighting.  These small yet elegant looking lights are apt for soothing light settings.

There are no particular places where these lights must be compulsorily placed, as they can be used for multiple purposes.

buddha head lamp photo - 1


These lights can be used on the floor or on table tops. May it be to boost dining experience or romance in the bedroom, the Buddha head lamps will without a doubt do the job for you.

These are also perfect lights for late night readers, who prefer dim soothing lights.

buddha head lamp photo - 2


The Buddha head lamps usually come in same design but in varying sizes. These lights usually come in lights shades, most commonly they come in
white, orange or peach colors. These colors are essential in propagating a peaceful and serene vibe in our abodes.

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